In the harems of the east, methods were developed, in which the whole body is massaged with the body of an other. This technique is known in our region as a whole body massage or body-to-body massage. The passive body is being rubbed by the active over and over and therefore it must be moistened. Today, massage therapists worldwide recommend Nuru gel. The masseuse or masseur lies down on top of the partners body and use its own body to stimulate each other’s bodies and vitalize it with Nuru gel. Elbows, breasts, legs, thighs and other body parts are used. This sensual massage can also culminate in the unification and strengthens the experience of love in a relationship. This type of massage is seen by both parties as particularly beneficial. Candlelight and soft relaxing music in addition promote a sparkling mood. It was long the favorite massage among the powerful of the world and still is, especially in Asia. To the Shop

hot stones


As introductionary part to a body-to-body massage the hot-stone-massage can bring your partner in the right relaxed mood. Anoint the body of your partner with the original Nuru Gel and place the warm hot stones on the back of your partner. Start moving the hot stones in circles

As a prelude to a body-to-body massage, you can pamper your partner with a hot stone massage. Anoint the body of the Partner with Nuru gel and place heated hot stones on his back. Begin to move them slowly, in light circular movements, around the body. Do it gently from the back to the bottom and slowly approached tentatively the erogenous zones. Use your imagination and enjoy relaxed hours with the Nuru gel. To the Shop



The Thai massage is known in Thailand “Nuad Buran” and means “ancient healing touch”. This massage is widely used for removing blockages and releasing the body’s own energy. Ideally the body is anointed with Nuru gel and immediately treated with the rhythmic pressure of palms, thumbs, knees, elbows and feet. By stretching and performing passive yoga postures the flexibility of the body is improved. Circulation and metabolism is enhanced . Blood circulation in the joints and muscles is improved. To the Shop



Massages increase the physical wellbeing and yet there might be times where the partner is missing. There is then the possibility to perform the massage alone. Lie down comfortably in a warm room on a bed and lubricate your body gently with a slightly warmed Nuru gel. Then touch your head with your hands and slowly move across the neck, toward the chest, in the genital area, and gently move your hands back towards the head and back. With very gentle movements rub continuously the Nuru gel into your skin. From time to time grab your skin stronger to release tensions. To the Shop

Among the senses, it is the sense of touch,
the other penetrates;
it lives in the Spirit.
The area of ??the mind expands
parallel to the sense of touch.

(Charaka Samhita – Indian doctor in the 1st to the 2nd century BC)

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